Gaming DApps


BetHash is a fair crypto casino, it uses hash to draw winning numbers to guarantee absolute fairness, no chance for cheating at all! Generous rewards, high referral bonus!

Cell Evolution

Cell Evolution is the first puzzle sandbox dapp base on IOST, each player act as a cell group. Players need to balance the Adaptability, Reproductivity and Survivability in the game. Read More When player finished the game, they can choose to do the DNA merging, this function will upload the data into the whole ethnic group. This is not only a game, but also a read social experiment. If the whole ethnic group have unbalance data, the whole world will destroy. Millions of the cells will decide the whole destiny of the world. Welcome to Cell Evo, a game about cells and humanity. Read Less


Cryptoninja is a two actions game. One is Attack and the other is Guard!
To attack, you need to deploy your own Ninja to sneak into other players’ castle and get the treasure, EverGold (EG)! Read More To guard, on the other hand, you need to customize your castles by setting traps, and drive other Ninjas away!
Ninjas and Castles are created by blockchain technologies so that they will never be illegally deleted nor stolen!Read Less

Endless Game

Endless Game is a profit-sharing online arcade with uttermost transparency. The more you play, the more you earn. Players will be granted with Endless Tokens as their “proof-of-play”.


GameABC is a dice game already available on multiple public chains. It aims to improve the transparency and fairness of the game by combining the two advantages of blockchain: Read More transparency and immutability. Read Less


IOST Bid is the first ever, super fast and decentralized IOST bidding competition game!


IOST Joy is a Snake eating game. Similar to the traditional Snake game, the snake grows in length by eating the coloured beans on the screen, while avoiding any collisions with other snakes. Read MoreThe interesting part is when the snakes eat the coloured beans, players stand a chance to earn IOST (Green beans) and JOY (Red beans) tokens! Read Less


IOSTPlay has many of the most popular betting games, as well as a number of unique lotteries and game concepts. Each of games takes place completely on the IOST blockchain. Read MoreAll past games results can be verified for eternity. Each game is also fully provably fair, meaning that it is impossible to be cheated, something truly revolutionary! Read Less

IOST Vegas

IOST Vegas is an online casino based on IOST Blockchain.


Mango Dice is a Dapp dedicated to become a top quality blockchain game Dapp that brings joy and enjoyment to IOST community.


TransformRedPacket is a simple and stimulating PvP strategy Red Pack game.Players can create rooms and set up a red envelope strategy to become owners. They can also enter Read More other players’ rooms to send red envelopes.If the final amount of a red envelope is the same as the agreed number, the player wins. The owner collects the red envelope and the player gets the agreed rewards. Read Less


Unitopia is a decentralized game interface and platform built on blockchain technology. It is set to disrupt traditional gaming rules that exist today by bringing the best innovations in blockchain Read More to power-up the gaming industry for both traditional gamers and blockchain enthusiasts. Read Less